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BLADE Show 2019 Checklist

BLADE Show Atlanta
A view of one corner of the BLADE Show floor from above.

BLADE Show 2019 kicks off June 7 in Atlanta. In the hurry to get everything ready, don’t forget these considerations.


Pack comfortable shoes for all that standing and walking.

If you’re flying in, figure out how you’re getting from from the airport to your hotel. Most people opt for a taxi (available right outside the doors of the airport), a ride-sharing service or a shuttle (if your hotel provides one).

Then figure out how you’re getting from your hotel to the Cobb Galleria.

If family/friends traveling with you are less interested in knives than you are (hey, it happens), check out this list of family-friendly attractions.

The BLADE Show is huge, and it grows every year. Make an itinerary of exhibitors and activities you want to hit so that you don’t get too far into the weeds.

On the other hand, casually browsing the show has benefits, too. You never know what surprises you might find.

Learn proper knife show etiquette so you stay sharp.

How will you get the new knives you purchased home? The most popular way is with a courier service, like UPS or FedEx. Scout out locations ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute!

If you plan to make purchases with cash, it’s a smart idea to arrive with it in hand rather than relying on ATMs. There are ATMs located on-site, but if there’s a run on cash, they might be empty.

On that note, how will you keep your cash secure as you walk the show floor?

How will you keep your knives and cash secure in your hotel room?

Have you set a budget for yourself about how much to spend on knives? It’s easy to get carried away on the show floor.

Last, but certainly not least, safety is important. How you carry every other day is different from how you carry at a crowded knife show. Please don’t be this guy:


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