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A Recommitment to the Good Ol’ U.S. of A.

It has been two years since Buck Knives first announced their American Commitment and now, after a full review, they have emphatically renewed that commitment for 2011 and the years ahead.

        “We found it has been effective in every way,” said CJ Buck, president of the 108-year-old family knifemaking company. “Most important, it has been our small way of helping reverse a growing trend to move jobs offshore, while America has too many jobless workers.”

        Buck went on to explain that their policy has resulted in healthy increases in their Idaho workforce. This was possible because they brought back to America the production of many knives they had been outsourcing. As a result, Buck built 30% more product in Idaho in 2010 than they did the year before, a significant measure of success.

        “We are proud that 100% of all our many hunting knives are made right here in Post Falls,” Buck said. “Perhaps more meaningful, 93% of the many new products we have introduced for 2011 are being made in our plant.”

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