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AKTI Announces New Officers

The American Knife & Tool Institute named a new president and vice president at the 2011 BLADE Show.

Bill Raczkowski moved up from vice president to president, supplanting Goldie Russell, who concluded a successful four-year term in the top spot, while CRKT’s Rod Bremer was named vice president.

“AKTI is on track to positively change knife and tool legislation with a conservative approach, while continuing to educate those within the judicial system to the proper use of these tools,” the new president said. “I look forward to representing this community for the betterment of the industry and all knife owners.”

Bremer, who also serves on AKTI’s education committee, spoke of a bright future for AKTI and those it serves.

“We are developing some exciting new ideas that we hope to launch soon to aid the law enforcement community and individuals to better understand the issues via new and developing electronic media,” he noted. “It has been a pleasure to serve on the AKTI Board of Regents for the past couple of years and to be a part of an organization that has been reenergized to serve the family of knife users, retailers and producers. Going forward, my hope is that AKTI’s vigilance on the legislative front brings continued success to protect our rights to carry and use knives.”

Concluded Bremer, “As a newly elected officer of AKTI, my hope is that I can be a good steward of the organization and its mission like all those who have preceded me.”

For more information contact AKTI Executive Director Jan Billeb at, visit or call 307-587-8296.

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