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Bob Neal Update

As many of you know, Bob Neal was in a bad motorcycle wreck last week. Neal’s good friend, Les Robertson, visited him in the hospital and offered the following:

I visited Bob in the hospital today. I talked he listened—nothing unusual about that. I passed along everyone’s good wishes.
He is going to be in ICU for some time to come. If you would like to, please send cards to Bob at:
Grady Health System
80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE
ICU 7L – James Robert (Bob) Neal
Atlanta, GA 30303
For the time being I will be handling Bob’s knife business. I checked the in box on his computer today and it is completely full and there is a problem with memory. So it may be awhile before I can respond to those emails. Feel free to email me with regards to orders at
If you are so inclined, please pray for my friend.

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