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Boston City Council Approves Anti-Knife Ordinance

The Boston City Council have approved an anti-knife ordinance that licenses retailers of knives with a blade 2 inches or longer. A revision of the original proposal exempts “cutlery” that is defined as “utensils used as tableware or used for cutting and eating foods.” Regardless, this ordinance is still flawed in many respects,beyond the fact that it will be ineffective at its stated aim of reducing crime.     

Knife Rights opposes this ordinance as unneeded, irrational and likely, illegal.  

The next step is up to Boston Mayor Tom Menino, who can veto this insanity. Please email  and call Mayor Menino at  and 617-635-4500 to express your opposition to this ordinance.  

We have no more than 15 days from this past Wednesday, and he could sign it sooner, so please, write or call TODAY!    


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