Buck Knives: New Combo Packs Offer Big Savings

Convenience and cost savings make these new packs worth looking for. See more at BuckKnives.com.

POST FALLS, IDAHO– When you’re looking for that new knife you want, you try to find one that will provide the quality and reliability you need, at a reasonable price. If you can find that, plus an added item you can use, you’ll know you’ve found the deal you’re after.

That’s exactly what Buck Knives is offering with their new series of Combo Packs. If you’re a hunter looking for a good, affordable knife you may well be after Buck’s Omni Hunter 12 PT, with a 4” fixed-blade that has an inset gutting-skinning blade at a very appealing $58 suggested retail. You’re also after a good caping knife and are attracted by Buck’s new skeletal PakLite Caper, which has an surprisingly low $25 MSRP. You want both, but you aren’t sure if you’re ready to spend that $83 total.

Then, hanging there is the Buck Combo Pack, combining those very knives, with an MSRP of $71 –$12 less than buying them separately. That’s too good to pass up!

There are other Combo Packs, too. For your next fishing trip, Buck has combined their popular Silver Creek Fillet Knife and its perfect-flex 6-3/8” blade, with a Parallex lockblade knife and a versatile Fishing Clipper. The Clipper not only cuts monofilament line, it has a fold-out sharpening file, an eyelet cleaning needle/knot tool, and a hook bender. The fillet knife alone has an MSRP of $36.50. With the other two added, the retail tops $50 if bought separately. But as a Combo Pack, the suggested retail is only $40.

Buck has another hunter’s Combo Pack, too. This one combines a 390 Omni Hunter Skinner 10 PT, which has a 3-1/4” fixed-blade, with a PakLite Guthook for maximum versatility when field dressing game. They come in a special combo sheath made of heavy-duty nylon. Here again, the value is great. Bought separately, the MSRP is $69. As a combo, even with the added benefit of the special sheath, the suggested retail is only $57.

Of course, all are backed by Buck’s unlimited Forever Warranty.

Click here to check them out on BuckKnives.com.

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