Complete Your Collection Of BLADE Magazines

Next month will be your chance to complete your collection of BLADE Magazines–to own every issue from 1973 through 1997 (the first quarter century of BLADE and 165 issues in all) on one completely searchable DVD. BLADE and F&W Media will be offering the DVD the third week of October for $59.99, which equates to 36 cents per issue.

Use the “Bookmarks” feature on the DVD to navigate to whatever story, feature, index, ad, regular column or individual knife you wish to see, read about and admire. Such is the beauty of accessing all issues in living color on your computer screen.

Check over the next few weeks to reserve your copy.

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NEXT STEP: Download Your Free Vintage BLADE Magazine Complete Volume (4 Issues) From 1973!

Download the 1973 BLADE magazine issues in digital PDF! Delivered straight to your e-mail inbox for instant download. It’s 1973, and the future of the modern knife industry was being forged by a pioneering group of knifemakers with a magazine and a mission. Get these collectible first issues of the World's #1 Knife Publication! Click Here to Download the Pack


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