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Do You Have Your Hunting Knife?

There is no single profile that fits all hunters, and there isn’t a specific hunting knife that fulfills all needs. That’s a good thing for the knife industry. Some guys like a standard fixed-blade, drop-point hunter that comes in a leather belt sheath, maybe even with a slight hump near the tip of the blade where they can rest their finger and choke up on the blade. One of custom knifemaker Russ Kommer’s favorite packages is the 2-Shot. He has used it daily in the field as a hunting guide in Alaska and around the world. Russ says, “I’ve always preferred a smaller semi-skinner, even for the biggest of game. You just use the hump near the end of the blade to locate your index finger. And the blade is short enough that you can work inside the animal and feel where you are at all times.” The CRKT Kommer 2-Shot Skinner Knife has a 3.15-inch full-tang 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade, stainless bolsters, orange G10 handle scales and stainless steel pins.

Some ever-prepared hunters aiming for big game opt for a hatchet/skinner combination pack such as the Timberline Hatchet/Bush Guide Skinner Combo. It includes Kommer’s Alaskan Bush Pilot Hatchet and Alaskan Skinner. Expertly crafted from polished 440 stainless steel, the Alaskan Bush Pilot Hatchet boasts a 4-inch, full-tang head, while the Alaskan Skinner sports a 3.625-inch 440A stainless steel skinner blade. Each handle is precision machined Zytel for a non-slip grip and ease of use. The Alaskan Combo includes a ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop, and weighs 2.28 lbs.

Gut hooks come in handy for skinning game animals, and a Realtree-pattern handle is a plus. The Kutmaster Team Realtree Guthook Knife dons a 420 stainless steel blade with sharp gut hook on the spine, a Realtree camo handle pattern, and a nylon belt-loop sheath. 

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