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Fill BLADE Calendar With Your Knife Events

Knife events will be promoted on our BLADE Calendar, starting now.
Help us fill in our BLADE calendar. Send us the details and we’ll help spread the word.

We’ve added a calendar to Now, we need your knife events to fill in the BLADE Calendar. We’ll take anything to do with knives: shows, seminars, workshops, hammer-ins, demonstrations, shop tours, classes, throwing competitions, open meetings at your knife club. You supply the details below. We’ll enter it onto the site and send you a link when it goes live so that you can use it on your Facebook Page, Instagram account, forum, blog or other social media outlet.

But wait, we want manufacturer and distributor events too: retail location grand openings, factory tours, celebrations. Anything the public is welcome to attend or sign up for is acceptable.

Be sure to include a photo: It can be of a past occurrence of your event; your company, show or club logo; or an image of the venue. Attach the photo to your email that provides all of the following information:

Send your email to Be sure to submit your listing a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. We’ll do our best to help you get the word out, and we hope you refer people back to the BLADE Calendar.

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