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Expendable Continues to Excel

With The Expendables leading in box office receipts for the second weekend in a row, the current issue of the November BLADE with Gil Hibben’s knife for Sly Stallone in the movie on the cover is no doubt flying off newsstands.

Linda Hibben told me she, Gil and Mike went to see the movie and, of course, really enjoyed it. (What’s not to like with Gil’s knives in it?) She also said Gil received recognition for the knife in the credits at the end of the movie, which is somewhat unusual these days as most movies no longer give such credit to knifemakers and/or knife companies for their knives. Apparently, the main reason for that is all the royalties movie production companies can make off knife reproductions these days.

Linda also said if the movie makes a pre-set amount of money, there will probably be a sequel. The way things are looking in the movie’s box-office performance so far, chances look good that pre-set amount will be met.

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