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Forged Knives Fever!

Forged knives in BLADE
Forged knives are the focus of the latest BLADE®, on newsstands now!
The Ikoma Korth Bearing System developed by Flavio Ikoma and Ricardo and Paulo Lala—here on a Korth Carved Reptile—helped revolutionize flipper folders.
J.T. Oldham shares his views on whether you should reboot your knife collection in this issue.
Find out where art knives such as this model by Dennis Friedly are headed in this issue of BLADE®.

Hot knives don’t get any hotter than those hammered to shape in the forge, and the latest BLADE® focuses on forged knives in all their radiant glory.


Chris Amos provides tips for novices on how to forge knives in this issue of BLADE®.
Harvey Dean‘s damascus beauty won the Antique Bowie Knife Association Award for best period bowie by an ABS master smith. (Chuck Ward image)

Scott Gallagher‘s Wolf Fighter in forged mosaic damascus is the cover piece for our forged knives special issue, and is among those in Les Robertson‘s story on how much you should pay for forged knives. The American Bladesmith Society is the world’s foremost organization of those who forge knives, and BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member B.R. Hughes outlines the top ABS knives of the year as awarded at the 2017 BLADE Show in “Family Reunion of the Forge.”

How do you get started forging knives? High Endurance Performance Knife master bladesmith Chris Amos covers the basics every newbie bladesmith should know in “Top Tips for Novice Bladesmiths.” Attending hammer-ins is another must for those serious about forging knives, and BLADE Managing Editor Erin Healy tells you about one of the top centers of bladesmithing instruction, the New England School of Metalwork, in “Hammah-Time!”

Sometimes you need to start all over again, including with the knives you collect. Pat Covert interviews some top collectors for their views on the subject in our lead story, “Is It Time To Reboot Your Collection?” Throwing knives have been enjoying a resurgence lately, and James Morgan Ayres tries his hand at flinging some of the latest ones in “Bull’s-Eye!”

Art knives were among the hottest custom knives anywhere in the 1980s and ’90s but in recent years have been overshadowed by tactical and other knives. Dave Rhea examines the current state of the genre and where it’s headed in “Where To Now, Art Knives?” Gent’s knives have an across-the-board appeal for their looks, style and utility. Abe Elias tests four of the latest in “Steel-ish & Stylish.”

There’s much more in this issue, including how the flipper folder changed knife history, tests of two hunting knives, sharp holiday season gift ideas and much more in the latest edition of BLADE, on newsstands now or available in the digital edition. Or, you can subscribe to the domestic print, digital, Canadian print or international print editions.


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