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Great Legislative News Out of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Representative Jenn Coffey sent this message to the BLADE offices yesterday:


I am happy to report that HB544 passed unanimously in the NH House today and bring us one step closer to knife preemption in New Hampshire!

HB330 also passed the New Hampshire house today on a roll call vote of 244 to 109 to create Constitution Carry!

Both bills, for which I am the prime sponsor, will now move over to the Senate!


Representative Jenn Coffey
Merrimack District 6, NH
Vice-Chair Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee
Chairman Banking and Business Regulations Division



BLADE asked Coffey to give us some background on the bills. This is what she wrote:


The NH House unanimously agreed that it makes little sense for towns to be allowed to make conflicting laws regulating knives. If one were to pass from jurisdiction to a jurisdiction with conflicting law you could easily find yourself in conflict with a town ordinance that is different than your destination or place of origin. Therefore HB544 should become law in New Hampshire, creating the same state preemption we now enjoy with firearms for knives.

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