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Heft & Freestyle Form Define Hossom “Tanto”

Unusual? Yes, it would be no stretch to say that Jerry Hossom’s “Vengeance Tanto” takes an unbeaten path from pointy tip to pointed pommel. But all along the way it’s so groovalicious! Check out the handle half, or third, in this case. Integrated into the design of the black-canvas-Micarta® grip there’s a place for the palm, all the fingers, and a sweet guard that angles just a little back toward the butt. The knife is featured in the “Fiery Fighters” chapter of the Knives 2013 book, but it is actually tough to categorize. 

And oh, yeah, the blade. Let’s see, the CPM-3V blade is high-hollow ground, ends in what could be the world’s most modified tanto tip, has a swedge along the spine, and a line stretching horizontally along he length of the blade where the hollow grind ends, the flat starts, and the swedge eventually meets. Don’t forget the finger notches just North of the handle, on the spine of the blade, for extra traction. Mosaic pins round off the piece.

It’s an “Editor’s Favorite from the Knives 2013 Book,” by the way. is credited for the photo.

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