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Introduce Young People To Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) takes its job seriously of promoting understanding and cooperation within the knife industry, as well as among those who simply utilize mankind’s oldest tool. In acknowledgment of that role, the organization presents a series of informative articles appearing on its website,, detailing the knife owner’s experience.

The first of the series gives tips and advice on introducing young people to knives.  “I was always taught that the age of reason was seven, which is also Cub Scout age, when I got my first knife.  Safety was always stressed, and supervised use of a knife is a must.  Also, one must insist that the knife never be taken to school no matter how much you want to show it off,” commented Dan Piergallini, President of the Gator Cutlery Club.

Along with Piergallini, AKTI Executive Director Jan Billeb, Becky Reid of Shepherd Hills Cutlery, and legendary knife dealer A.G. Russell provide insights into their experiences in promoting knife safety, awareness, respect, and proper use among young people.   

Pictured at left, A.G. Russell shares with a friend.  Photo courtesy A.G. Russell Knives.

“We are excited to bring these informative articles to AKTI members and knife enthusiasts everywhere through our website,” remarked Billeb.  “Introducing knives to the next generation is a key element in promoting their safe use and increasing the understanding of knives as valuable tools that are important in our everyday lives.”

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