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Multi Tool Knives?

Pearce 004Ok, so I’m curious if readers and BLADE® Magazine subscribers have ever seen knives quite like young custom knifemaker Logan Pearce’s fixed blades fashioned from actual hand tools? Personally, I’ve seen knives made from files, car springs, railroad spikes, motorcycle chains and other steel bars and rods, but never from tools, and with parts of the tools still intact.

And I like the way Logan leaves the 3/4″ mark on the wrench and tire wrench, for instance, and half of the tool as a handle, and recognizable as an actual tool. I think it’s innovative and remarkable, so I’m posting it. But there’s that old saying that there is really nothing new in knives.

So, honestly, have you ever seen knives quite like this before? Click here for more traditional “multi-tools.”

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