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Knife Book Of The Day I

     If you’ve ever seen Murray Carter give a sharpening display at his knife show table, shave his beard—or someone’s head—with one of his knives at a BLADE Show seminar or just talked to him in person, you know what a genuine, engaging person he is. If you haven’t seen him up close, his new book, Bladesmithing with Murray Carter, is the next best thing. In some ways, it’s better.

     The first in our Knife Books Of The Day series, Bladesmithing with Murray Carter takes you through the Carter process of making knives as only he can tell it. Design, steel selection, forge welding, lamination techniques, heat treating, grinding, finishing, handles, sharpening, sheaths–it’s all here in 160 pages of hundreds of color pictures, diagrams, knifemaking tools and equipment, how-to’s, safety tips, and much more.

     And, if you act now by clicking on #W1852, you can buy it for only $18.47—$9.52 off the regular price.

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