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Knife Of The Day XX: Bill’s Knee Knife

Veteran knifemaker Bill Herndon long has put a little bit of himself into each of the knives he builds, but his Bill’s Knee Knife takes the concept to new heights.

    Also a contributor to BLADE® Magazine, Herndon, who goes by the acronym of OFAU (Old, Fat And Ugly), employed a part of his surgically removed knee bone as an escutcheon for the handle of his reproduction of an antique bowie knife.

    “At the time of my first of four knee surgeries, I asked the surgeon to save the bone he removed from my left knee. After the two small pieces of bone were delivered and dried, I asked Ken McFall of Knife & Gun Finishing Supplies to stabilize the bone. He did so but under protest!” Herndon noted, doing his best to keep a straight knee, er, face. “Some eight years later, I decided to put that bone to use. The inlaid helm—my logo—in the ebony handle on this Samuel Bell bowie reproduction is the result. I have really put a part of myself in this knife!”

    For more information, e-mail Bill at

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