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Knives for Charity

There’s never been a shortage of charitable acts within the knife industry. For as long as there have been knifemakers, there have been knives given to those in need, including soldiers, farmhands, friends and neighbors, or blades donated for auction to raise money for good causes. A Google search for “knives for charity” turns up too many knifemakers and knives to mention here, partly for fear of leaving someone out.RONlake.indd

The American Knife & Tool Institute has announced that it plans to hold a “1st Annual Giving Back Event,” featuring knives donated by Ron Lake (one of Ron’s past knives shown), D’Alton Holder and others, at the 2016 BLADE Show. AKTI’s 1st Annual Giving Back Event will take place Friday, June 3, 2016, from 6-9 p.m. at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel—host hotel of the 2016 BLADE Show. No room, meeting room or ballroom has been announced as of this time.

As advertised in an AKTI press release, “We invite you to participate in AKTI’s 1st Annual Giving Back Event! Some of the finest custom knifemakers are contributing their handmade knives to Give Back to help the knife community and their favorite charities. This will be a fun evening with live and silent auctions supporting organizations that make a difference. 50 percent of proceeds will go directly to a charity of choice. 50 percent will support AKTI’s many efforts to keep knives in our lives.

How can you give back? Please stop by AKTI’s booth #18 to get more details.

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