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Loveless Dagger Worth Keeping in the Collection

As preeminent Bob Loveless knife collector John Denton says, “The dagger is up there with the New York Special. It is really beautiful, and I just keep those back in the collection.”

Denton continues, “Bob was not as much about fit and finish as Steve Johnson, but more about making a knife feel so good in the hand. He always said, ‘Make a knife look so good you want to pick it up, and feel so good you don’t want to put it down.’ And that worked. His design and balance were critical to making the knife market shoot to the moon.

“People have been telling me since the 1960’s when they got a Loveless knife, that it was so pretty they did not want to use it, but Bob wanted it to look good, and he also wanted people to use them.”

The dagger in a full, tapered tang, Micarta handle and double guard looks and feels good. It is from the John Denton Collection. Photo courtesy of Denton.

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