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It’s nice to do something you know is right, and even better when the intentions are pure, and that’s exactly what BLADE® did four years ago with its December 2010 issue. Since then, every December issue, including the upcoming December 2013 BLADE, has been and will continue to be devoted entirely to our fighting men and women in the military.

It was an idea hatched four years ago in an editorial meeting. The staff had two questions: What could BLADE do that no other knife magazine does?; and How can we honor soldiers fighting for our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Here are a couple of our first December military issues.

I was and am extremely proud of the fact that we’re able to set aside a single issue each year and devote it to the military. It’s the very definition of freedom. The December issue will hit newsstands and subscribers’ doorsteps on September 10th, 2013. Please look for it and help us support our troops. I can’t think of anything more honorable than that.

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