Which Overall Knife-Of-The-Year Is Your Favorite?

Every year at the BLADE Show in Atlanta knife companies that have booths at the show vie for the coveted–and they really are–Knife-Of-The-Year® Awards. There are a dozen awards in different categories (i.e. Imported Knife-Of-The-Year, Best Buy Of The Year, etc.), the top honor being the Overall Knife-Of-The-Year.

Some fabulous knives have won the Overall Knife-Of-The-Year Award since 2010, with Zero Tolerance/Kai USA having a run of three winners between 2011 and 2013. The winners since 2010, in order by year starting in 2010 (and shown in order below), are: the Chris Reeve Knives TI-LOCK, Zero Tolerance 0777, Zero Tolerance 0888, Zero Tolerance 0454, CRKT Hi Jinx, and this year, the Lion Steel T.R.E. (Three Rapid Exchange).

So, looking at the knives below–shown in order as listed above–which is your favorite Overall Knife-Of-The-Year since 2010 and why? It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?!
Eric Eggly-Owner/PhotographerZT 0777

ZT 0454






ZT 0888CRKT Hi Jinxlion steel T.R.E.

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