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Knife Rights-Sponsored Pro-Knife Bill Filed in Indiana

Starting off the New Year right, Indiana State Senator Jim Tomes has forwarded Senate Bill SB181, a Knife Rights-sponsored, pro-knife bill that would repeal Indiana’s outdated ban on the sale and possession of switchblades and automatic knives. The bill is co-sponsored by Senator Brent Steele, Chair of the Corrections, Criminal and Civil Matters Committee that will hear the bill, and Senator Johnny Nugent.

SB181 is identical to an earlier bill that was passed overwhelmingly last session in the Senate by a bipartisan vote of 46-1. It, however, was bogged down in election year politics and never heard by the Indiana House. There are high expectations that it will pass this year.

If you live, work or travel in Indiana, please contact your Senator and ask them to support SB181. Click here to locate your Senator.

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