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Sharp Weekend in Louisville

The 41st Annual Knifemakers’ Guild Show, held this past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, was a great way to spend time with some of the world’s best makers and see some of the world’s best custom knives.

Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-of-Famer Gil Hibben displayed his knives from The Expendables, AKI member Steve Hoel exhibited an awesome pearl-handle folder with breathtaking gold-inlaid leaf engraving by Barry Lee Hands and there was much more. Leading the up-and-coming knifemaking contingent were Dwight Phillips with his impressive antique bowie repros and Jason Rabuck with his utilitarian fixed blades, among others. There was much more—impeccable screwless construction folders by Stan Wilson, Tom Overeynder’s incomparable doctor’s knives and others.

Knife giveaways, awards, lots of post-show things to do in and around the Seelbach–it was a great weekend for custom knife enthusiasts.

To read more, see a future issue of BLADE.

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