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Song Knife Highlights New BLADE®

Song knife for BLADE.
Song Knife collaboration between Buck and country music star Craig Morgan highlights the new BLADE®, on newsstands now!

Country music star Craig Morgan’s “Song Knife” for Buck, what’s “next” in custom knives, “Blades of the Bog” and much more sharp stuff highlights the new BLADE®, on newsstands now!

Morgan, who also stars on the Outdoor Channel’s Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors, recently released his latest album, A Whole Lot More To Me. In collaboration with Buck, two songs from that album including the title track are downloaded on a card and paired with a special collector edition of the legendary Buck 110. Slated to go on sale in most every Walmart in America by the end of this month if not sooner, the “Song Knife” is reportedly the first promotion of its kind. Get the full story on page 28.

Tactical folders have been king of the knife hill for decades now but the question everyone wants answered is “what’s next” in terms of the knife that will replace those of the tactical kind at the top of the heap? Les Robertson has been buying and selling custom knives for over three decades and weighs in on what he thinks will be the next big thing on page 12.

Since knives are man’s oldest tool, the ways in which they have been made over the millennia are many. One was by retrieving iron ore from the bottoms of bogs and lakes and smelting it in furnaces to make blade steel. Daniel Jackson explores how today’s makers have revisited the old methods to make knives. Journey into the past on page 20.

Have you traded or sold a knife or knives you wish you had kept instead? Mike Haskew picks the brains and memories of three veteran collectors for such pieces in “Knives I Traded I Wish I Hadn’t” (page 44).

As with most things in today’s world, the more functions you can get out of an item the better. So it is with edged tools, especially today’s “gizmo knives.” Check out some of the leading examples of the genre that do more than cut  on page 78.

There’s much more in the latest BLADE—buy it on newsstands today, get the digital copy or subscribe to the digital or print editions—or both!






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