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7 Pearl Knives For Dec. 7

Perry pearl.
John Perry employs the classic gunstock-lobster pocketknife pattern to showcase the mother-of-pearl. (Chuck Ward image)
Gold engraving by Martin Butler borders the stunning black-lip mother-of-pearl inlay in Warren Osborne’s interframe folder. (SharpByCoop image)

7 pearl knives for Dec. 7 somehow seems oh so fitting. Dec. 7, 1941—the date which lives in infamy marked the USA’s entry into World War II and the awakening of a military dynamo that would vanquish Japan and play a crucial role in the defeat of Germany in Europe. Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor early that day thrust America headlong into the maelstrom that would change the world forever.

With the 74th anniversary of that momentous event upon us, we thought a fitting  way to observe it would be with knives sporting one of the most beautiful of handle materials: mother-of-pearl. Called pearl by most, the material is coveted on higher-end knives and makes for a most worthy edged presentation.

Herein are seven of those knives in memory of Dec. 7. Enjoy!

Black-lip mother-of-pearl rarely looks as pleasing as it does on Tom Overeynder’s folding art dagger. (PointSeven image)
Don Hanson’s mother-of-pearl folder boasts some of the maker’s forged mosaic damascus for the blade and bolster, and titanium liners anodized blue. (PointSeven image)
Kyle Hanson goes the mother-of-pearl route in damascus and with a handsome leather sheath. (PointSeven image)
Ken Steigerwalt uses black-lip mother-of-pearl for the inlay on his damascus art folder with a modified tanto blade. Accents in 14k gold add to the mix. (SharpByCoop image)
Gilles Victors of Vacquiers, France, offers up his “Zephyr” model in mother-of-pearl as well as a handle of carbon fiber. The damascus blade comes in a modified wharncliffe style.



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