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Ivory Battle Enters New Phase

The battle to stop federal measures that punish law-abiding citizens and do little to address the issue of elephant ivory poaching has entered a new phase.

Cliff Parker's folder sports antique narwhal ivory. (Point Seven photo)
The ivory battle has entered a new phase, and the deadline for your ivory letter to Fish & Wildlife is April 14. One among many of the problems with the proposed federal regulations is that legal fossil ivory like antique narwhal, such as on Cliff Parker’s folder, may be mistaken by federal officials for elephant ivory and confiscated. (PointSeven photo)

If you are a duly authorized representative of a company with “significant commercial operations and employees,” now is the time to present U.S. Fish & Wildlife with a letter to oppose the pending federal measures, the first round of which reportedly is due to be released sometime this month. However, if you act no later than April 14 and send the letter to FWS, you will be in time to have your voice heard by those who can amend or even stop those measures before they happen.

Simply email the following letter to Doug Ritter of Knife Rights at, and he will forward it with others to FWS officials expressing concern over the harm the new federal measure would cause, not only to worldwide elephant populations but also to law-abiding citizens who own ivory knives and other ivory products and have owned the very same ones for years, if not decades.

The letter is as follows:

Subject: Ivory Ban Knife Community Letter

My name is (insert your full name) and I am (insert your executive position in the organization or company) of (insert name of your organization or company). As its duly authorized representative, I request that you add our name to the Knife Community letter opposing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed ban on commercial trade in elephant ivory.

(Insert Official Address of your Organization or Company)

(Insert Organization of Company Website)

(Insert your phone number in case of questions)


(Insert Your Name)

(Insert Your Title)

(Insert Your Company’s Name)

(Insert Your Mailing Address)

(Insert Your Website Address)

(Insert Your Email Address)

(Insert Your Phone Number)

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