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Coast LX532 Review: Slim, Sleek And Up To The Task

Coast LX532 half open

The author stated the LX532 feels right both in his hand and pocket, is neither too big nor too small, and has a sleek look.

Coast flipper scores big time.

Every now and then I come across a folder that just feels right both in my hand and in my pocket, one that’s not too large nor too small, yet still has that sleek look to it. The Coast LX532 framelock does it all for me. I really love the blade shape. However, it still must be able to slice and dice to get a top place in my book.

Coast LX532 Edge Test

The good ol’ paper slice worked for starters. The LX532 sliced very smooth with no effort. The thin blade made for great control during the cuts. The only challenge was getting my fingers out of the way fast enough.

It was back to 20-pound bond copy paper for the final edge test. The LX532 didn’t miss a lick, slicing very smooth, aggressive cuts.

It was time for the single-walled cardboard. The knife was quite aggressive in cutting it. Again, control was great. The thinner handle takes some getting used to but that’s not a big deal. There was some twisting on the cut pieces but that was me getting accustomed to the handle.

Plastic board was next. The LX532 handled it with ease. The thumb notches on the handle spine really came in handy as more pressure was needed to make the cuts. They notches stopped the thin blade from twisting in my hand while cutting.

LX532 Meduim-Duty Cutting

I had some leftover dense foam from the Kydex press to change out, so I decided to slice it up. The folder went through the foam like butter. The thin blade is extraordinarily sharp to say the least. Control was great yet again and I had to continue slowing my slicing down to keep my fingers intact.

The knife went through the foam like butter. The thin blade is extremely sharp to say the least.

Eight-ounce leather, anyone? I did some normal up-and-down slicing, along with some skiving. The edge was quite forceful slicing leather. I could hear each and every cut. The knife is exceptionally smooth and controllable for straight cutting. I switched positions and laid the leather flat for some skiving. The LX532 was very loud and aggressive slicing the material. I cut through the leather more times than I want to say. (It makes a better picture if the leather is all together rather than a bunch of smaller pieces.)

LX532 Heavy-Duty Cutting

With camping season in full swing, I needed to stock up on firesticks to start the campfire. The LX532 worked perfectly. It made great thin curlicues in the pine. It also took deeper bites if needed. The blade zipped through the wood. Control was great with my thumb on top of the handle. It was a lot of fun to do.

The blade zipped through the pine and made great thin curlicues. It also took deeper bites if needed.

I had my doubts about cutting sisal rope with such a slim knife. However, the folder proved it could go the distance, providing 200 crunching cuts before I stopped. The knife was still going strong. I was impressed. The framelock stayed at 100 percent engagement the whole time and was still smooth upon closing. Hats off to the folks at Coast.

It was back to 20-pound bond copy paper for the final edge test. The LX532 didn’t miss a lick, making extra-smooth, uncompromising cuts.

Overall Take

The LX532 is one sweet framelock. The slim overall shape is right up my alley. Performance is in the top 10 percent. Excellent job, Coast. I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe some texturing of the handle?

Coast LX532 Specs
Knife Type: Flipper folder
Blade Length: 3.35”
Blade Steel: 9Cr18MoV stainless
Blade @ Thickest: 1/16”
Blade @ Widest: 9/16”
Handle @ Thickest: 5/16”
Handle @ Widest: .5”
Handle Frame: Stainless steel
Pocket Clip: Yes
Lock: Framelock
Knife Coating: Black titanium nitride
Weight: 3 ozs.
Closed Length: 4.5”
Country of Origin: China; designed in Portland
MSRP: $49.99

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