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KG Handcrafted Bladeware Large Work Knife: This Chisel Doesn’t Fizzle

Large Work Knife beauty shot

The Large Work Knife’s blade of A2 tool steel is chisel ground, that is, it is beveled on one side only. In this case, the non-beveled side is flat ground. The handle is resin cord wrapped over waxed cotton string. Overall length: 8.5 inches.

Large Work Knife takes the author’s favorite media to task.

With camping season in full swing, it’s always a good idea to have a sharp knife at your side to build a lean-to or traps and make firesticks, to name a few. The Large Work Knife by KG Handcrafted Bladeware can fill the bill. Ground from 5/32-inch A2, a tool steel known for providing a keen edge, it begged for a good testing.

Large Work Knife Edge Test

I like to start off by slicing 20-pound bond copy paper because it gives a good idea of edge profile and keenness of the edge. The knife sliced the paper smoothly with no resistance. It’s nasty sharp for sure. Though I’m not a big fan of the chisel grind and Scandi profile edge, each has its place.

The Large Work Knife excelled cutting the 8-ounce leather, providing very fine slices at the same thickness and angle.

I grabbed a piece of double-walled cardboard and commenced cutting. The edge was very aggressive and only a slight rolling of the cut pieces occurred from the Scandi profile edge. The handle made for great control. I really like it. It worked best by using a push cut.

Medium-Duty Cutting

Leather was next. The A2 blade zipped through it very fast. The edge created a nice crunching sound as it went and was very aggressive. The wrapped handle was great at controlling the width of each cut. It was fun to do but be sure to keep your fingers out of the way. Next, I skived 8-ounce leather. The blade made short work of it, providing very fine slices at the same thickness and angle.

The knife powered through 200 clean, crunching cuts of sisal rope very quickly. The handle was comfortable and provided a non-slip grip with no hot spots.

It was time to make firesticks. The knife made great curlicues. Cut depth was very manageable. It was a perfect use for the chisel grind on the correct side for a right hander. Nicely done, KG Handcrafted Bladeware! Woods seems to be the perfect medium for this blade style.

Now for my favorite, cutting sisal rope. The knife powered through 200 clean, crunching cuts very quickly. With no stopping in sight, I ended the cuts before I used up all my rope, another great medium for the chisel grind. The handle is comfortable and provided a non-slip grip with no hot spots.

Heavy-Duty Cutting

I batonned the Large Work Knife through a 1.5-inch-diameter branch. It split the first 2 inches quickly then started to drift to one side the farther down I got. The drifting could have been due to the fact it was old wood or a chisel grind. Either way, it worked with no damage to the knife whatsoever.

Thirty hard whacks into the antler put some very small chips in the fine edge an inch or so before the tip, as the author expected. When he returned to the copy paper, slicing was smooth with minimal tearing by the chip area. The knife was still nasty sharp.

Chopping deer antler to test how well a blade has been heat treated is not recommended and might void the warranty. I did it anyway. Thirty hard whacks into the antler managed to put some very small chips in the edge, as I expected it would. The fine edge will do exactly that.

Finally, I returned to the copy paper. Slicing was smooth with minimal tearing by the chip area. The knife was still nasty sharp. Job well done!

Overall Take On The Large Work Knife

This knife is well-made for EDC chores. I love the A2 steel. The handle is very comfortable.


The knife performs well for its designed purpose. I would just run the grind higher.

Large Work Knife Specs
Maker: KG Handcrafted Bladeware
Blade Length: 4”
Blade Material: A2 tool steel
Blade Grind: Chisel
Blade at Thickest: 5/32”
Blade Pattern: Semi drop point
Handle Material: Waxed cotton string and resin cord wrap
Weight: 6 ozs.
Overall Length: 8.5”
Sheath: Oil-tanned cowhide over aluminum and Kevlar®
Weight w/Sheath: 9 ozs.
Maker’s Price: $320

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