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Best Knives for Hunting: Deer & Deer Hunting Clip Point Knife

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Deer & Deer Hunting knows what makes the best deer hunting knives. When it found one that met the criteria, it put its name on it. Then it made three versions of it.

BLADE‘s media sister over on the deer hunting side is Deer & Deer Hunting, and you can imagine that it knows a thing or two about knives. Deer & Deer Hunting editors recognize how a dependable blade makes all the difference. When you need a knife, you need a knife.

That’s why BLADE was thrilled to hear that Deer & Deer Hunting partnered with the American Knife Company to produce an exclusive line of hunting knives. Here are the must-know details straight from the editors themselves:

Emblazoned with the DDH logo right on the blade, this classic design puts a modern twist on an old favorite of deer camps across North America.

Micarta handles offer a firm grip in slippery conditions common to bad weather, field dressing, butchering and the rugged demands of the hunt. A healthy dose of chromium in the A2 steel blade means it’ll stand up to the worst you can throw at it. The clip point blade design is as versatile as it comes, ready to make any task at deer camp a treat.

That sounds like the makings of the best deer hunting knives around. Whether you’re a collector or a hunter, click here to get the best knife for deer hunting you can shake an antler at.

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