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First Look At The OKC RAT-3 Gobar & RAT-3 Utility

OKC RAT-3 Gobar

OKC RAT-3 Gobar

Once Again The Ontario Knife Company Has Produced Two Stellar Knives In Its RAT Series. The RAT-3 Gobar and RAT-3 Utility Are Both Strong, Compact Blades.

The new RAT-3 Gobar from the Ontario Knife Company is a sturdy knife that is worthy of carrying the RAT name. A chisel-style knife, the Gobar has a 3.5-inch straight cutting surface and a flat chisel head.  

Made of high-carbon steel and with a flat grind, the blade has a black phosphate coating and a handle made of Micarta. It’s a lightweight, nimble knife and comes with a shetah so you won’t have to worry about chipping or damaging it because it doesn’t fold like many other knives.

OKC RAT-3 Utility

The RAT-3 Utility is for more detailed work and is just as beautifully constructed. It’s made of the same materials as the Gobar but features a slightly curved belly to go with the flat chisel head. It also has a larger finger choil than the Gobar to aid in detailed knifework. 

At 3.4 inches in length, the blade is slightly shorter than the Gobar, but the overall length is slightly longer (7.9 vs 7.81 inches in total length). This is a high-quality knife that stand up to daily use outdoors or in the shop.

Both knives come with a nylon MOLLE compatible sheath, which is perfect to attach to your pack and keep the blade safe and secure. Both knives have an MSRP of $91.95.

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