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WE Knife Marries Top-Notch Design with Superior Materials

In creating a superior knife two factors must mesh seamlessly — design and material. WE Knife has covered both bases again and again in nearly two decades of manufacturing.

The knife maker has whipped up some pretty striking blades over the years, turning an eye to both function and ergonomics. And it has executed them with some of the most resilient and desirable material available today.

Durable Titanium, rugged CPM-S35VN steel, modern ceramics — the company’s knives are built to go the distance — then some. The gallery below showcases two examples of WE’s precision knife making. And it doesn’t take much study of the Model 601 and 604 to see that the manufacturer strives to live up to its goal to “create the world’s strongest, enduring quality, sharpest knives.”

Model 601

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The 601 has been one of WE’s cornerstone knives, for good reasons. Not only is the folder outfitted with a rugged titanium handle and a CPM-S35VN steel blade (renowned for its strength), it also features a top-notch design. The handle is ergonomically shaped to better fit in the palm and gives the user more control over the knife. The blade is easily accessible with the knife’s ceramic ball bearing enabling a smooth and fast action. And the titanium handle features a titanium clip, to always keep the knife at the ready.

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