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Best M9 Bayonet Options For The Civilian Enthusiast

On a rifle or in close quarters, the M9 Bayonet has kept its edge for nearly 30 years.

The M9 bayonet was first issued by the United States Army in 1986. It partially replaced the M7, which was first issued during the Vietnam War. The M9 is slightly longer than the M7 and has been manufactured by multiple different makers including Buck and Ontario Knife Company. The M9 has a bigger, thicker blade than the M7, and some versions come with serrations.

The M9 is compatible with the M16 series of rifles as well as the M4 carbine. It’s also a high-quality fighting and utility knife, and, unlike many other bayonets, the M9 can also be fitted to a shotgun. In this case, specifically the Mossburg 590.

The M9 is used by multiple militaries and some police forces throughout the world from the armed forces of Singapore and Thailand to the Netherlands army and the security forces in Abu Dhabi. 

Can I Buy An M9 Bayonet Today?

Yes, you absolutely can buy an M9. 

Ontario Knife Company still makes the bayonet for commercial sale, and several other companies make versions of the knife. It’s important to remember that you need to keep your local knife laws in mind before buying an M9. 

States and countries may ban the ownership and carry of the knife, most time due to the length of its blade. However, it oftentimes also gets the switchblade treatment and is classified as a “dangerous knife”–a vague and ominous distinction meant to scare old ladies and small children.

Ontario Knife Company M9

Ontario Knife Company has been making knives in New York State since the late 19th century. During that time, the company has become a regular maker of arms for the United States Armed Forces.

The OKC M9 is a beautiful knife. The clip point is just over 7-inches long and made from 420M steel. The thermoplastic nylon handle provides excellent grip without adding too much weight, and the nylon sheath keeps everything secured.

This is a knife that looks and feels like it’s ready for anything. It shines through its simplicity with quality construction. It’s easy to see why the U.S. military continues to issue the OKC M9 today.

MSRP: $223.75

Snake Eye Tactical M9 Bayonet

This M9 from Snake Eye Tactical is vastly different from the OKC version in numerous ways. Combined with its sheath, this M9 is more multi-tool than the Ontario version.

The 8-inch stainless blade has a large fuller made from stainless steel. The majority of the spine is a sawback blade to provide more versatility to the knife, namely the ability to saw through thick wood. The sheath has a built-in sharpening stone, and a section of it can be used as both a flathead screwdriver and a wire cutter.

Yes, it’s an M9 but this piece can be used for much more than a traditional bayonet. It’s also much less money than the OKC variety, so if you’re interested in the M9 this is a great entry point.

MSRP: $39.95

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