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10 Pumpkin-Spiced Custom Knives Herald Halloween

It makes sense that pumpkin spice marketers would want to find ways to push a product that only got used once or twice a year in one or two pumpkin pies. Now, of course, it’s a running joke that there’s pumpkin spice in everything from dog treats to breakfast cereals. Some long for the days when only pumpkin-spiced candles and lattes accosted their sensibilities, others look forward to seasonal yogurts, beers and Oreos. While we’re in the full swing of fall, deer season and stocking up on pumpkin spice M&Ms for Halloween, why shouldn’t we celebrate pumpkin-spiced custom knives?

  1. The pumpkin in this knife’s G10 handle is tempered with black, but you’ll still be able to find it if you drop it in the leaves while dressing a deer.
Alex Smith offers the APEX with orange and black G10 scales.
This APEX has a 3 7/8-inch freehand flat-ground blade made of D2 steel with a darkened stonewashed finish. The handle is made with Fluted Orange/Black G10. Maker’s list price: $230 including handmade cross-draw leather sheath and free sharpening for life. Contact Alex Smith, Smith & Sons Knife Co., 874 N. Beglis Pkwy, Sulphur, LA 70663; 337-527-6468,, on Facebook: at Smith & Sons Knife Company, on Instagram @smith_and_sons_knives and on Twitter @SmithnSonsKnfCo.

2. Go bold! There’s no need to hide your love of spicy pumpkin with this mini skinner or everyday carry knife.

The Critter Harpoon works as either an everyday carry or small skinner. It has a 3-inch flat-ground blade made of CPM 154 steel with a bright satin finish. The Orange G10 handle has black liners. Overall length is 6.75 inches. Maker’s list price: $360 including sheath made in-house. Contact Daniel Pica at 919-542-2335,, and on Facebook at Screech Owl Knives.

3. The pumpkin in this handle is subdued by the black in scales made by 8th Dimension Concepts.

This piece by Randy Madan has a 4.5-inch flat-ground blade made out of 1095 steel by Aldo Bruno at New Jersey Steel Baron. The overall length is 9 inches. The scales were created by 8th Dimension Concepts. Flat grind. Maker’s list price: $200-plus. Randy Madan, Patriot Horde Knives at 760-885-9370,, on Facebook at Patriot Horde Knives.

4. The striking contrast in this pumpkin and maple handle was created by Tim Kipps of J. Hue Customs. He calls it Magma color. By whatever name, it’s smashing.

This Bushie by U.S. Air Force veteran Bill Dudek has a 4.5-inch Scandi-ground blade made of 1095 carbon steel with a satin finish. The handle was fashioned from a Deadwood blank that Tim Kipps of J. Hue Customs made by clear-casting stabilized maple burl in his Magma color. Overall length is 9.5 inches. Maker’s list price: $150. Contact Bill Dudek, A Better Edge, 845-430-3406,

5. A pop of pumpkin is all that’s needed on this handle scale made by Voodoo Resins.

The Carnage tanto has a 4-inch flat-ground blade of CPM S30V steel, stone-washed with a Black Widow etch. Overall length is 8 inches. The handle is a Voodoo Resins Black Honeycomb and Orange resin. Maker’s list price: $380-$400. Contact Brent Vaccaro at, 908-328-2049, on Facebook at Black Widow Knifeworks & Tactical Gear and on Instagram @blackwidowknifeworks.

6. Pumpkin is just one of the orangey colors in Beyond Wood Products’ Firey Labyrinth scales.

The Cruiser has a 3.25-inch blade of satin-finished Elmax steel. It has a compound, hollow ground with a flat-ground tip and swedge. The scales are Beyond Wood Products’ Fiery Labyrinth. Fittings are removable and stainless steel for easy cleaning. Overall length: 9.75 inches. Maker’s list price: $275 with caiman tail pancake sheath. Contact Tyler Freund. Freund’s Custom Knives, 1755 Madison 541, Ironton, MO 63650; 573-366-3906, and on Instagram @freunds_customs.

7. Buckeye burl was used by the maker to create this natural-shaded pumpkin, green and maroon handle.

Jason Batdorf made this Delaney drop-point with a 4-inch flat-ground blade of 1095 steel with hamon. The maker-made handle is stabilized and died buckeye burl. Overall length is 8 inches. Maker’s list price: $250. Contact Jason Batdorf, Delaney Knives, 419-583-7238 and on Facebook at Delaney Knives.

8. It’s a spice; not a whole meal!

Bobby Toerck’s drop-point skinner has a 4.5-inch flat-ground blade of pattern-welded steel from Alabama Damascus Steel. The handle is made of bastogne walnut and spalted curly maple by Terry Dunn with black and orange G10 spacers. Overall length is 10 inches. Maker’s list price: $500. Contact Bobby Toerck at T4 Custom Knives, 903-812-1173, and on Facebook at T4 Custom Knives.

9. Pumpkin is an ideal accent for black in this combined G10 handle.

Devin Bliss’ modified boar skinner has a 4.25-inch hollow-ground blade of S35VN steel. The overall length is 9.25 inches. The bolster and pins are 416 stainless steel. The handle is Orange and Black G10. Maker’s list price: $500 with Kydex sheath. Contact Devin Bliss at DB Custom Knives, 903-769-2051 and on Facebook at DB Custom Knives.

10. Who says a spice can’t be the whole meal?

Jason Wilder’s Micro Cutlass has a 2.75-inch flat-ground blade made out of 52100 steel with a textured finish. The handle scales are Orange G10 with carbon fiber fittings. The overall length is 6.75 inches. Maker’s list price: $150. Contact Jason Wilder 254-243-0338,, and on Facebook at Wilder Forge.

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