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6 Knife Handles That Glow In The Dark

There are four categories of “glow.” Bioluminescence is, say, a firefly. There’s chemiluminescence, caused by a chemical reaction—think glow stick. Radioluminescence is most frequently used in clock or watch paints and on instrument panels. Then there’s phosphorescence, frequently used in toys, or toys for grown-ups: knives, or more specifically knife handles. The old-school invisible type of glow-in-the-dark scales show white-ish in daylight. The handle might have tinges of color, but it’s essentially white. If it has been exposed to enough sunlight, it will glow in blues, purples or greens in the dark. New-school daylight glow is visible day or night and comes in variety of colors. Here are six knife handles that glow in the dark, three of each variety, perfect options for Halloween or the everyday kid in all of us.

1. A son makes glow-in-the-dark-handled knife for his dad

Randy Madan of Patriot Horde Knives made this Pig Poker for his dad, Randy, who uses it on his farm in Kentucky. This type of old-school glow will appear creamy or pasty by day and either blue-violet or green by night, provided it has absorbed some UV light, explained scalemaker, Rob Carper of Rob Carper Innovations (RCI).

Randy Madan of Patriot Horde Knives made this 4.5-inch flat-ground blade out of 1095 steel from Aldo Bruno at New Jersey Steel Baron. The Pig Poker has an acid-washed finish and a hybrid glow-in-the-dark handle by Rob Carper of RC Innovations. The knife is 9 inches overall. Maker’s list price: $200. Contact Patriot Horde Knives, 760-885-9370,, on Facebook at Patriot Horde Knives or Jr Madan and on Instagram @the_patriot_horde.
In low light this Pig Poker from The Patriot Horde Knives glows blue, provided it has absorbed enough light.

2. This GITD friction folder is pinned by a grenade pull

A rescue knife has a blunt point for two reasons, explained Denny Furey of Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited. One, it can be used to pry with, and two, if you needed to cut someone’s seatbelt, for example, you don’t want to run the risk of sticking them with a sharp point.

The grenade pull locks the blade in the open position for secure cutting. The pin can then be stored in the attached slot on the sheath, similar to how a ferro rod might be stowed.

The “Resukyū” (Rescue) Friction Folder is a one-off by Denny Furey of Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited. The 3-inch blunt-tip rescue blade is made out of O1 tool steel, as are the breacher/bottle opener and spacers. The blade and back spacer have an acid stonewashed finish. The knife measures 6.75 inches closed and 8 inches overall. The handle scales are Glow In The Dark by Voodoo Resins. The hardware, including the grenade pin lock, is stainless steel. Maker’s list price: $300 with Kydex/Holstex sheath. Contact Denny Furey, Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited, 405-642-2198,, on Facebook at Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited.
This Denny Furey friction folder handle was made by Voodoo Resins and appears green in the dark.

3. New-school daytime glow is visible day or night

Jason Batdorf of Delaney Knives makes his own glow mix, using raw materials, but one would need to be a chemist with a laboratory to actually make the glow powder.

Jason Batdorf made this 4-inch flat-ground Delaney drop-point blade out of 1095 steel with hamon. The handle is a buckeye burl and glow hybrid made by the maker with his own glow mix. Overall length is 8 inches. Maker’s list price: $250. Contact Jason Batdorf, at Delaney Knives on Facebook or call 419-583-8238.

4. Knife named for a customer’s departed sister

Brent Vacarro of Black Widow Knifeworks & Tactical Gear designed this blade for a customer as a custom order. When Brent began receiving interest in the knife, he wanted to introduce it into his lineup. But there were two problems. “First, I had to get permission from the customer, and second, I needed a name for it,” Brent explained. He contacted the customer and asked if it would be OK if he made more of this knife model. The customer was fine with that. “Then I asked him to name the blade,” Brent continued. “This is where it becomes very special very fast. He had told me about his sister passing away when they were younger, so he had asked if we can name the blade after her. My immediate response was ‘Of course!’ So that’s where H.E.R.L comes from, her initials.”

Brent Vaccaro’s H.E.R.L has a 4.5-inch flat-ground blade of CPM D2, acid-washed with etched skulls. The handle is Voodoo Resins’ Dr. Strangelove (green/blue glow) with green G-10 liners. Overall length is 7 inches. Maker’s list price: $280-$350. Contact Brent Vacarro at, 908-328-2049, on Facebook at Black Widow Knifeworks & Tactical Gear and on Instagram @blackwidowknifeworks.
Dr. Strangelove scales are made by Matt Peterson at Voodoo Resins. Dimensions are 5.9 inches long by 1.85 inches wide by .300-inch thick. Makers list price: $40/set.

5. Glow-in-the-dark honeycomb pattern is echoed in leather sheath

Namen Borras’ BKD Skinner has a flat-ground 2.5-inch blade with swedge made out of CPM S35VN with acid and stonewashed finish. The knife is 6 inches overall. The handle scales are glow-in-the-dark honeycomb with clear resin by DerangedDonkey with black G10 liners. Maker’s list price: $350 with black leather sheath with matching honeycomb pattern. Contact Namen Borras on Instagram @borraskustomdesigns, or at
This is how the honeycomb pattern on the above knife appears in the dark.

6. Old-school Glow Hex emits violet shade in the dark

Tyler Freund made this one-off custom folder with a 1.3-inch flat-ground blade of pattern-welded steel from Alabama Damascus Steel. The Glow Hex scales are by Beyond Wood Products, and are paired with titanium liners. Screws, pivot pin, pivot screw, backspacers and clip are also titanium. Overall length is 9.7 inches. Maker’s list price: $400. Contact Tyler Freund, Freund Custom Knives, 1755 Madison 541, Ironton, MO 63650; 573-366-3906, and on Instagram @freunds_customs.
Tyler Freund’s one-off custom folder glows a blue-purple in the dark when it has absorbed sufficient UV light.

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