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A Custom Gentleman’s Takedown Combat Utility Knife?

Custom takedown knife
The Tuxedo Fighter is a takedown combat utility knife by Tim Steingass. The takedown tool at upper right fits into the two tiny holes in the piece at bottom center, which is the linchpin for disassembly and assembly. At press time, Tim said he had so many orders he had closed his books. (SharpByCoop knife image)

The Tuxedo Fighter by Tim Steingass is a takedown combat utility knife the maker quipped is for guys “who like Tinkertoys®”—those who enjoy taking their knives apart and putting them back together.

As for the Tuxedo name, Tim said he got the idea for it from one of his customers for whom he made repros of three Bob Loveless small fighters.

“He got one with an ivory Micarta® handle and liked it so much he wanted a black-handled one,” Tim recalled. “I imagined he was going to wear it under his tuxedo and that gave me the idea for the Tuxedo Fighter.”

The fact that the fighter is small and fancy also seemed to fit the Tuxedo moniker.

“It’s not tactical, it has a shiny blade and beautiful, shiny handle, and all the fittings are polished and pretty and it comes with a horizontal, ambidextrous sheath,” Steingass added.

Made to be broken down and maintained, “the takedown is a great way to take care of a knife. It just shows the craftsmanship of the knife, frankly.”

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