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New Custom Knife Sports Computer Circuit Board Handle

Computer circuit knife handle
The Yakuza Flipper by Chuck Gedraitis includes a hand-rubbed blade finish, titanium frame and liners, and a Timascus™ pocket clip. Yakuza is a nickname for “transnational organized crime syndicates”—i.e., the mafia—in Japan. Click for larger view. (SharpByCoop knife image) 

Chuck Gedraitis Flipper Meshes Modern Materials with Traditional Style

The Yakuza Flipper by Charles “Chuck” Gedraitis meshes classic styling with an unusual modern handle material in a folder that reflects both the traditional and the modern. The traditional is the Japanese-style instead of an American-style tanto blade.

“The American style would have more of a straight cutting tip,” Gedraitis noted. “This one has a little curve to it.”

The modern is the circuit board scales. Gedraitis highlights the copper of the circuit board with the bronze bolsters and a copper spacer, the latter two both in an orange-peel finish. He exposed the pattern of the circuit board by grinding into it, thus revealing the copper in the different layers of the scale material.

For more information contact Chuck Gedraitis, Dept. BL4, 444 Shrewsbury St., Holden, MA 01520 508-963-1861,, Facebook/Instagram: @gedraitisknives gedraitisknives.

Meet the Maker at BLADE Show

Balisongs are a Chuck Gedraitis specialty and he will show you how he designs and makes them in his special class “How To Make a Balisong” at 2 p.m. June 2 at BLADE University in the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta.

Held in conjunction with the 37th Annual BLADE Show June 1-3, also at the Cobb Galleria, BLADE U. is the most comprehensive array of classes on knives and knifemaking of any knife show. Click here for more information.

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