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EDC Knife Review: Kershaw Knockout

EDC knife review
The Kershaw Knockout offers a bigger design than most EDC, but it’s still lightweight enough to stick in a pocket. (Kershaw photo)

An Eye-Catching EDC Knife

To my eye the Kershaw Knockout is in fact a knockout. The design is sleek, flowing and graceful, with all details blending into the whole—clearly a 21st century EDC folder.

The deep-bellied drop point blade emerges from the smoothly contoured handle easily and strongly but doesn’t threaten to jump from your hand.

The thin handle makes for a comfortable waistband carry. Though thin, the chamfered edges of the aluminum handle made for a surprisingly comfortable grip, even after extended cutting of rope and rubber tubing. It also balances right where it should at the index finger.

The deep belly sliced everything well. The frame lock was as solid as the proverbial bank vault door. The thumb stud is machined and polished and has no rough edges. In fact there are no rough edges anyplace on this little gem.

The clip is strong but not long enough or strong enough to prevent the knife from moving in the waistband of athletic pants, which I happen to wear a lot. Like most tip-down models, the positioning of the knife when carried requires a grip shift to get to a proper cutting position.

The deep belly of the Kershaw Knockout sliced everything well, including quarter-inch hemp.

The Verdict

This is such a handsome piece of work I’m almost tempted to put aside my preference and EDC this one.

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