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Video: The Kevin Cashen Phoenix Knife

The stories behind the blades are part of what makes collecting knives so much fun. The provenance might be happy or sad, but it’s the storytelling itself that is so valuable. Knives can be keys to unlock those stories. Instead of calling up a house fire, the Kevin Cashen Phoenix Knife tells the story of getting through tough times.

Part of the appeal to knife collecting are the stories behind the blades. The so-called “Phoenix Knife” from master smith Kevin Cashen is one such knife.

Judging from the name, you’d be correct in guessing Kevin Cashen’s piece figuratively rose from the ashes. In a tragic turn of events, it literally earned the title, too.

According to the American Bladesmith Society (ABS), which posted the video above, the Phoenix Knife started life as a group project. Several ABS board members got together to make a Bowie, including Kevin Cashen.

However, a house fire destroyed much of the knife’s progress. Undeterred, the board members regrouped and gave it another shot.

The result, as the video shows, is the Phoenix Knife. “It’s alive!”

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