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3 New Knives, 1 New Tomahawk and 1 Highfalutin Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Benchmade Reveals Two New Folders

Last week on social media, Benchmade announced two new folders: the 756 mPR (micro pocket rocket) and the 486 Saibu.

That was followed by a live video featuring the newbies:

The knives will be available for your inspection at the Benchmade booth (#8) at BLADE Show 2018. If you can’t make the show, here are the specs.

Benchmade 756 mPR

Micro pocket rocket

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Benchmade 486 Saibu

More info Woods Chogan T-Hawk

Designer Ryan Johnson’s latest tomahawk, a new spin on the Woods Chogan T-Hawk released in 2014, will only be available through This new version sports a “black magnesium phosphate coating on the head for corrosion resistance and an aesthetically cool firewood-burned handle,” per CRKT.

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Buck Marshmallow Roasting Sticks with Elk Antler Handles

Why not?

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Zero Tolerance 0095TS Earns Its Stripes

Zero Tolerance’s new 0095TS offers a step up from its 0095 with premium steel and tactical aesthetics. The “TS” in the model name comes from the tiger stripes design on the blade.

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