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5 New Knives for the Outdoorsy Crowd

For Those Willing to Wait (a Little): Realsteel Knives Relict

Realsteel Knives Relict

The Relict, from Realsteel Knives, won’t be out until May 18, but it’s already catching some buzz. Full specs aren’t available yet, but the company did have this to say on its Facebook page:

Named purposely after its design features, that include a bullet cartridge opener, extendable clip and splicingly sharp S35VN cutting edge, the Relict takes Eastern European designs of past and adds that extra bit of class to them.

Because the Relict sits on the higher end of Realsteel’s catalog, expect it to go for a few hundred dollars when it hits shelves.

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For the Bushcrafter: Condor Tool & Knife Headstrong

The Headstrong, from Condor Tool & Knife, sports a 1095 blade, a choice steel for bushcrafters and survivalist types who enjoy versatility in their sharpening methods. That the blade is uncoated may speak to the aesthetic preference of its designer, Joe Flowers, but it’s worth noting because of how passionate bushcrafters are about their knives.

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For the Backpack: Eldris Limited Edition 2018

It’s small, it only comes in one color and it comes with a firesteel. It’s Morakniv’s Eldris Limited Edition 2018.

In addition to its collectibility, the Eldris is basically a high-functioning fire-starting kit. A small fixed blade knife replaces an otherwise single-purpose striker. An aubergine handle and sheath (that’s a color similar to eggplant, not a material) suggests a female user, but there’s no reason to pigeonhole this kit in that way. If you need a fire in a pinch, the last thing on your mind will be aubergine. It’s too hard to spell anyway.

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For the Mil-Tac Crowd: Bear OPS New AC-551-B4-B Tactical Automatic Knife

It won’t ship outside of Alabama, but maybe an authorized dealer can wrap your hands around the G10 on Bear OPS’s new AC-551-B4-B. That’s a mouthful to say, so Bear OPS gave it the “Bold Action V” name, too. 

No matter what you call it, it continues Bear OPS’s line of autos at economical prices.

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For Collectors: Victorinox Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018

Part of the appeal of Swiss army knives (SAK) is their bang-for-buck factor. They’re affordable and offer loads of utility. But what about higher end SAKs for collectors interested in another kind of value?

Collectors should take note of the Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018, from Victorinox. It offers the same multi-tool platform SAK fans expect, plus features that wouldn’t look out of place at a black-tie event. 

From Victorinox:

This year’s limited edition Damast Swiss Army Knife features the “Ladder” Damast pattern forged from an impressive 333 layers of steel and is complimented by plum wood scales with a metal inlay cross + shield. The 2018 model marks the first use of plum wood and the first Damast edition with combination pliers.

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