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Red Skulls at Night: New Bob Horrigan Fighter Repro Knife

red skulls at night
Peter Pruyn reproduced John Horrigan’s Bob Horrigan Fighter as a present for his son Jack who is considering going into the military after he graduates high school. The knife is named in honor of John’s brother, Bob Horrigan, 1st Special Forces Group, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2005. (SharpByCoop image)

With his son Jack expressing an interest in joining the military once he graduates high school, Peter Pruyn figured a reproduction of the Bob Horrigan Fighter by one of his mentors, ABS master smith John Horrigan, would be just the ticket as a gift form his military son in waiting.

“ABS master smith Red St. Cyr, another one of my mentors, said when you feel you’re good enough to make a knife in the style of one or more of your mentors, do it,” said Pruyn (Pruyn rhymes with pine).

Horrigan, a U.S. Army Ranger veteran, law enforcement officer and firefighter, is one of Peter’s mentors, ergo Pruyn’s version of the Bob Horrigan Fighter. Peter’s version has a few differences—among them a 5.5-inch blade, 154CM stainless steel, flat grind, embellished red skulls and a Cerakote® finish by Jesse Ruiz of Legendary Coatings instead of John’s 6.5-inch blade, 440C stainless steel, hollow grind and sand-blast finish.

Peter’s daughter Sophia fashioned the lanyard and attached the Emerson skull bead.

For more information contact Brothersville Custom Knives, c/o Peter Pruyn, Dept. BL3, 110 Reel Ln., Grants Pass, OR 97527 631-793-9052, Facebook/Instagram: Peter Pruyn.


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