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What is a “Tactical Razor?”

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Mardi Meshejian forged the 4-inch blade of his Tactical Razor in a Gordian’s Knot damascus of 1095 and 15N20 carbon steels. The choil has a deep cutout not only as a design element but also to lock onto the detent when the knife is closed. The folder has no clip but Mardi said he can include one on a custom order. (Chuck Ward knife image)

ABS journeyman smith Mardi Meshejian has always been known for pushing the envelope, and he has done it again with his Tactical Razor.

Drawing on the worlds of both fantasy and utility, Mardi arrived at his razor-style linerlock. “I wanted to do it a little bit on the crazy side, so I went with a tactical razor and amped it up some,” he explained.

Mardi said he’s been making quite a few razors of late—not your standard shaving model but a little beefier for EDC use. “I make them thicker for everyday cutting chores,” though at a list price of $1,600, this one is on the showpiece side of the equation.

He fashioned the damascus for the blade in a “Gordian’s Knot” pattern. He forged four bars of twist—two to the left and two to the right—put in a square forge weld and twisted it again. That’s why there are so many layers of twist in it. The handle is a twist pattern of titanium damascus.

Mardi employed a very steep hollow blade grind for both looks and utility. As he noted, “The grind gives a keen edge and digs deep into the damascus and reveals the twist pattern.”

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