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Knife News Wire 1/2/18 – Custom Knives Heating Up Australia

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Custom Knives Heating Up in Australia

Australian knifemaker Leila Haddad is impressive for many reasons. She’s only 14, but she’s already turning out forged blades that fetch thousands of dollars. This profile from ABC in Australia is worth reading for those reasons, but one quote from the young knifemaker should be highlighted:

“I think there is still a future for knife making, because people are starting to realise again the importance of handmade things,” she said.

Read the full article here.

Buck Knives Makes 1,500,000th Knife

The Buck Model 119 Special. (Image via Buck Knives)

Buck Knives announced last month that it reached the 1.5 million mark for total knives produced at its Idaho facility. A Model 119 Special took home the title of the 1,500,000th knife. That’s no accident.

From Buck:

This milestone was achieved due to the increased USA production needs and sales on their 119 Special and 110 Automatic models.

Knife Restrictions Re-Introduced in Kansas

Introduced in the closing days of 2017, a proposal in Kansas is looking to renew some expired knife prohibitions. From Knife Rights:

HB 2442 is ostensibly a “bump stock” ban bill, but it sneakily also would reinstate “dagger, dirk, … dangerous knife, straight-edged razor, stiletto” as prohibited knives.

Read more here.

Video: Heat Treating 154CM Stainless Steel

Nothing beats stepping inside a knifemaker’s shop and watching how the magic happens. Knifemaker Kyle Daily, of KH Daily Knives, generously shared this video showing how he treats 154CM stainless. 

BLADE staff found this video on Twitter. Are you following us? You should be.

Gerber & Boy’s Life Team Up to Clean Filthy Pocketknives

Boy’s Life put together a great spread on cleaning pocketknives, with some assistance from Gerber. It’s basic, sure, but it’s full of great tips, such as using toothbrushes to clean serrations.

Read the full piece here.

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