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How Do Criminals Use Knives?

Knife crime statistics

Editor’s note: Knives are first and foremost tools that offer tremendous utility for making everyday life easier. However, a few unsavory elements of society misuse these tools for criminal purposes. Because of the frequency of the topic in conversations inside the knife community, BLADE is bringing you this glimpse at that type of behavior as a means to better inform our audience. Remember: the intent of the person using the knife is always more significant than the knife itself.

How Do Criminals Use Knives In Attacks?

An associate of mine, Travis Roesler of Fight Smart, recently studied more than 200 real attacks criminals made with knives that were caught on CCTV security cameras from around the world. Here’s we learned.

How Criminals Use Knives: The Percentages

Roesler came up with the following statistics:

In other words, attackers simply do not behave the way that traditional training has suggested that they act. Because of this evidence, training to defend oneself against a knife attack is now within reach of the common person.

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