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Knife News Wire 12/21/17 – Knife Used to Free “Cocaine Smuggler”

Knife handle wooly mammoth
Santa Fe Stoneworks Damascus Woolly Mammoth Bone 3″ Button Lock Knife

Knife Used to Free “Cocaine Smuggler”

The United States Coast Guard is used to intercepting drug runners, but it wasn’t expecting a sea turtle shepherding cocaine bricks across the ocean.

All joking aside, this is yet another reason to keep a knife handy. You never know what you’ll come across. Good job, Guardsmen.

How to Bone Out Venison Shoulders

You’ll never appreciate a sharp knife as much as when you’re butchering. This video from sister pub, Deer & Deer Hunting, shows why with a tutorial on boning out venison shoulders.

Save the neck for me, Clark.

Trendy Knife Blocks

Knife blocks don’t get much attention in the world of knives, but designers are nonetheless pushing forward with new takes. Perhaps this is overdue, as this article in Business Insider points out:

When you think of a knife block, you may envision the traditional, slanted wood block that sits on your counter. There are many excellent blocks in this style, but none of them made our list. The main problems we have with the classic block is that it is difficult to clean and you can’t readily view the type of knife you are grabbing for. There are plenty of modern styles that sufficiently address these issues.

Check out some of the knife blocks catching eyes here.

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