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Knife News Wire 1/8/18 – Artificial Intelligence Comes to Knife Sharpeners

Knife sharpening robot machine
Will computers put knife sharpening services out of business?

Coming to a Knife Sharpener Near You: Artificial Intelligence

You’ve got to hand it to the robots when it comes to knife sharpening. Literally. Hand over your knife to an artificial intelligence for sharpening, human.

That’s what the future may hold, if the “Knife Robot” offers any hint. This video posted on Twitter lays it all out.

The Knife Robot raised $121,405 in crowdfunding through Indiegogo in April 2017. It used this video to pitch that campaign:

Here’s a bit about how the device actually works:

It doesn’t look like the company is ready for business yet, if at all. Its website URL,, directs back to the Indiegogo page, and its social media handles haven’t been updated since early 2017.

Even if that means this device is dead in the water, don’t count out similar products. AI is popping up all over the place, and false starts are to be expected.

The First New Knifemaking Innovation in 200 Years?

Speaking of crowdfunding, a new knife company, Habitat Housewares, catching eyes on Kickstarter is promising a knifemaking innovation so revolutionary, it will change the world of knives forever. It’s the “first knife-making innovation in over 200 years,” as quoted the makers here

Adam Ackerman, the name behind the operation, raised $319,000 to prime the pump for the latest incarnations of this ground-breaking knife.

So what is it? Here the rundown from the Kickstarter page:

Let’s be clear about one thing: this is not the first new innovation in the last 200 years of knifemaking. That is objectively false, and that the line gets repeated throughout the marketing for these knives does not represent the pinnacle of insincerity, not transparency.

Yes, marketers make hyperbole a part of the business, because that’s just business, but to present such a statement as fact disrespects the scores of innovations knifemakers and knife companies contributed in the past few decades alone. Or were the Buck 110, the pocket clip and the assisted opener really that forgettable?

Knife Retailer Clarifies Knife Laws by State

Hobanco, a knife retailer, recently launched a new initiative to put knife laws across the country into plain English on its blog.

The company originally posted a knife laws page using AKTI links, but this appears to be an effort to help its customers even better understand the nuances. So far, the company put together summaries for Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, Alabama, Texas, Ohio, California, Florida and Michigan.

It’s always encouraging when companies take the time to educate their customers about knives. Many companies and small makers offer information on steel types, designs, history, proper care and, of course, laws. And BLADE gives them a big thumbs up when they do.

Read Hobanco’s blog here.

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