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Fallkniven’s SK1 Jarl midsize hunter is the cover knife for the new BLADE®, on most newsstands NOW!

What are the top 14 custom knives of the 21st century? What features make a perfect tactical folder? Do you know why lightning strike carbon fiber got its name and why it’s in such demand among custom and factory knifemakers? What are the five most oppressive knife jurisdictions? What are the ultimate knives for Mother’s Day? Get the answers to these questions and much more in the latest issue of BLADE.

While the TSA announced yesterday that it will delay its new policy allowing passengers to carry small pocketknives and multi-tools on board commercial airliners, there was much that went into the creation of the original policy. Find out what happened behind the scenes, which knives qualified for the new policy and which ones didn’t, what industry leaders have to say about the new policy and much more in the new BLADE.

In other stories, find out how the cover knife performs in retired 5th Special Forces Master Sergeant Kim Breed’s “Spec Sheet” knife test; let Dexter Ewing show you how the latest serrated knife sharpeners do their duty; read Ed Fowler’s conclusion to his multi-part how-to on sheep horn handles; check out ABS master smith Rick Dunkerley’s Bear Tracks in “Cool Custom”; read part two of Wayne Goddard’s “Question & Answer” on the material that’s the most difficult to use for knife handles; enjoy mini-profiles of J.D. Smith, Tobbe Lundstrom, Glen Mikolajczyk, Libor Tobolak, Ronald Blystone and Tim Steingass in “Knifemaker Showcase”; and get up-to-date on the latest knives and knife accessories, knife show dates and much more in the latest BLADE.

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The new BLADE® is on most newsstands today!

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