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The new BLADE Magazine is on newsstands today!

The eye-popping ESEE-3VG in a Venom Green blade, orange G-10 handle and a lanyard to match is the cover knife for the October BLADE® (, on newsstands now!

The knife is an appetizer for the lead-in story on lanyards and beads, a growing accessory trend on today’s finest knives.

Want the inside story on the real reason the TSA decided to tuck its wings and rescind its approval of carry-on knives on commercial airliners? American Knife & Tool Institute’s Jan Billeb fills you in via the special question-and-answer story, “TSA Carry-On Knife Plan Grounded.”

The hottest makers’ hottest custom knives are the focus of BLADE ( Managing Editor Joe Kertzman’s “Knives & Makers Catch Fire!” and custom knife purveyor Les Robertson offers the conclusion of his informative story on “What To Look For In A Forged Knife.”

If you like knife tests, MSG Kim Breed (5th Special Forces, retired) puts the Boker Plus G4 through the paces in “Wharncliffe Warrior,” and new BLADE ( contributor Alan Clemons reveals his trio of favorite hunting knives in the aptly named “One Man’s 3 Favorite Hunters.”

Bladesmiths basically sprouted from the blacksmithing trade, but there are differences between the two vocations. ABS master smith Joe Szilaski outlines those differences in “Bladesmiths vs. Blacksmiths: What’s the Difference?”

Ever think about what goes on in a maker’s mind before he designs a knife, how he arrives at a certain line or curve, a rounded edge here or a palm swell there? ABS master smith Lin Rhea explains some of those thought processes in “Line & Flow: A Key To Top Knives.”

Factory/custom collaboration knives go back over 40 years, but they didn’t really take off until the early 1990s–and they’re still going strong. Dexter Ewing takes you on a tour of the latest versions in “Stylish Steel: It Never Gets Old!”

There’s much more in the latest issue of BLADE. Check it out on newwstands now or subscribe digitally at


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