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Cheese Knives! Blades You Don’t See Everyday

A Chelsea Miller Custom Cheese Knife.
A Chelsea Miller Custom Microplane Cheese Knife.

We’ve all heard it said: “There’s nothing new in knives.” And maybe there’s not. It could be that’s a true statement, although the flipper folder, assisted-opening knives, Mokuti (mokumé and titanium combination), lightning strike carbon fiber and other materials and mechanisms may be considered new. Perhaps innovation could be considered a newness, or progression at least.

Chelsea Miller Rounded Cheese Knives. Click to enlarge.

Cheese Knives!

Here’s a knifemaker, and a female knifemaker at that, which isn’t new, but not common, either, who makes some knives that are just a bit different—those you don’t see every day.

And maybe that in itself is a novelty, though maybe not new. Meet Chelsea Miller, and enjoy!

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