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Cool Customs: Isaiah Schroeder’s Gyuto

Schroeder knife

Isaiah Schroeder’s Gyuto Comes In A Spectacular Damascus Pattern And Showcases The Maker’s Skill.

Isaiah Schroeder considers his gyuto the best knife he’s made, and the blade’s electrifying stainless damascus pattern and the ergonomic handle make it hard to argue the point.

Of the blade Isaiah said, “It’s a pretty simple pattern, one I’ve done in carbon steel quite a bit. A low-layer lazy twist is what I call it.” It consists of only 11 or so alternating layers that he twists three or four times. “That’s pretty much all it is,” he observed. “I love the way it turns out with the bold layer lines and everything. It looks kind of topographical and I always like that.” The darker steel is AEB-L stainless and the lighter parts are 154CM stainless.

He said the convex blade grind works great for food release. He is especially proud of the look and feel of his thin handle design that includes silver fittings done in the lost-wax-casting method. Combined with the 1/8-inch-thick blade, he said it’s, “Thin to win for a kitchen knife.”

A full-time knifemaker based in Madison, Wisconsin, Schroeder makes kitchen knives of all types in the Japanese style including a sujihiki, a long knife made for fine slicing of meats, fish, and precisely cutting through sinew. He also makes a petty knife as well in damascus. 

Gyuto Knife Specs
Pattern: Gyuto Japanese chef’s knife
Blade length: 9.44 inches
Blade material: Low-layer lazy twist damascus of AEB-L and 154CM stainless steels
Blade grind: Convex
Handle material: African blackwood
Fittings: Fine silver (2 ozs. worth)
Overall length: 14.44 inches
Maker’s price for a similar knife: $2,000
Knife to know: Isaiah is a full-time knifemaker

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